What is a Classroom Fund?

Through the year, our teachers create enriching and educational celebrations for students. The PTA asks for an optional one-time online contribution per child to cover the cost of these celebrations. Class Fund donations are optional. All children will be included in celebrations, regardless of contribution.  

Instructions for donating to classroom funds:


1.) Login to your Membership Toolkit account. CLICK HERE to log in

2.) Update your family information

          Click on Step 1 – Family information

          On the bottom right, click Next step

          On this page, you should see 4 fill-in boxes

                – Your student First name,

                – Your student Last name

         – Your student Grade

           – Your student teacher

All four of these fields should be populated and properly updated to reflect the current school year. If the grade or teacher is blank, you will not be able to purchase classroom funds and allocate them to the correct classroom. If you do not see the option to purchase classroom funds on your My Account page, it means one of these fields is not filled out properly.



If you would like to give an amount other than the suggested donation, would like to write a check, or you have other questions regarding Classroom Funds, please contact our Room Parent Liaison Avleen Phull roomparentliaisonOceanAirPTA@gmail.com